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June 23, 2014 Homes No Comments

A Change of Lifestyle

Meet Lisa and Jesus Escarcega

Jesus and Lisa’s Parkwood home in Stapleton’s first neighborhood, East 29th Avenue, has always been a magnet for family get-togethers, out of town guests, and even video and photo shoots for various television and print advertisements.

They first purchased their Parkwood home in 2009, after extensively searching in other Denver neighborhoods, yet not finding their perfect home.  Lisa resorted to searching online and found the listing under a local realtor’s website.  Once she saw the traditional architecture, fully-bricked home that was beautifully landscaped, she knew this was their home.

Over the years, the Escarcega’s single-family home saw the children grow up, finish high school, head off to college, visit often during the holidays, graduate from college, and finally head off to create lives of their own outside of Stapleton.

This life-changing cycle left Jesus and Lisa re-thinking the size of their home.  They wanted a new home that would be large enough for family and out-of-town guests who visit for the holidays, yet they were looking for a low-maintenance home that would allow them to take off and travel on a whim, plus one that shared the same architectural style of their Parkwood colonial home.

When Parkwood Homes introduced the Beacon Hill Collection (a traditional row home product) in Conservatory Green, Stapleton’s 8th neighborhood, Jesus and Lisa knew they had found their new home.  A row home facing Valentia Median, just a short distance from the new performance green and plaza, The Shops at Northfield, and of course the network of trails where Lisa can enjoy her passion of running.  They chose the brick-faced row home!

While the Escarcegas wait for their home to be built, they are looking forward to the next step of choosing their upgrades and options.  As Jesus stated, “We purchased a new home years back, but the home was almost complete and we were only able to upgrade the carpet.  We are looking forward to the experience of detailing this home, top to bottom, exactly how we want it”.

Lisa and Jesus both work for the District Office of Aurora Schools and they feel their new home location will make their commute even easier as they are just minutes from the Central Park Boulevard/I-70 interchange.  And in 2016, they plan to use the new light-rail to travel downtown to visit some of their favorite destinations, and to the airport for future vacation getaways.

Once the Escarcegas  move in to Conservatory Green, they will  hop on their bikes and pedal south to visit their close neighbors in the old neighborhood, taking in the Farmers Market on The Green, or maybe a movie or concert once a month.  But they also look forward to making new friends in Conservatory Green. As Lisa said, “Jesus is great at meeting new people.  He’ll go out to walk the dog and come back and fill me on what’s happening around the community.”  And Jesus added, “Dogs and/or kids are what bring people together.  And there is an abundance of both in Stapleton.”

As the Escarcegas prepare for their new life in Conservatory Green, the parks and open space surrounding their new home are nearing completion.

They look forward to the exploring their new frontier.

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