Meet Your Neighbor at the Denver Arts Festival


The 21st Annual Denver Arts Festival is taking place May 25-26 at the Conservatory Green Plaza. Stop by and explore beautiful works of art and meet your neighbor, Sarah Janece Garcia, who will be exhibiting her artwork in booth 26.

Sarah and her work are both, “Guided by Nature. Inspired by Color. Influenced by Movement. Enlivened by Creating.” This motto is apparent in the bright, bold colors Sarah uses to capture the beauty of the wildlife and nature around her. The scenes she creates are brought to life through watercolor; a medium that allows her to mix “extra vibrant and dense color while still retaining so many moments of natural translucent washes.” Sarah is drawn to creating works involving nature as it “provides an endless inspiration. All that is in nature and wildlife have an honesty, a power, and a beauty that continues to make [her] wish and need to pick up a brush to capture each and every amazing element.”  She always feels inspired and has not only found her career in art but also her joy. A joy that fills her heart with happiness and allows her soul to become fulfilled as she explores nature. Having people connect with her artwork and desire to own it “is the kind of blessedness that cannot truly be described with words.”

It was her love of nature that led Sarah to Colorado and ultimately the Stapleton community. Sarah shares, “After researching Stapleton, I was in! Visiting the area, walking the biking trails, seeing all the beautiful open spaces, and meeting the lovely people in the community made it clear that this was no doubt meant to be the spot to live and work in.” Living in an area with over 46 miles of trails, allows her endless opportunities to connect with nature. She enjoys the celebration of the outdoors that is felt throughout. Sarah wanted to “experience and explore colorful Colorado and [she] found the perfect place to do that in.”

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