Meet the Neighbors!

The Smiths needed to right size.

“We just came from a large house with a lot of yard work,” Chris Smith said. “It was just too much … we wanted something more manageable.”

So when the couple moved from Iowa a year ago, they eventually bought a home in Thrive Home Builders’ Central Park Rows Collection.

“We love it,” he said. “We went to the movie on The Green last night, and we looked at each other and said ‘we would have never have been able to do this in Iowa.’”

“It would have been too humid, and we would have never been able to walk – it wasn’t close enough,” Jennifer Smith said.

The Smiths weren’t only looking for the right-sized home, but proximity to everything important. Now, the kids can walk to the Swigert-McAuliffe International Campus, and their new home is only minutes from work.

The couple picked a three-story, end unit with 1,479 square feet and tons of natural light. And they customized everything from the closet doors to the kitchen sink.

“Thrive Home Builders was great. Anything we asked for, they found a way to do it,” Chris said.

It’s also no coincidence that they’re in Stapleton’s Central Park West neighborhood.

“We love this neighborhood. It’s close to Central Park,” he said. “And I think it will be really nice when the commuter rail’s in.”

The commuter line will open in 2016, connecting Stapleton to Downtown Denver and DIA.

The Smiths’ location also has a wrap-around porch, which is one of their favorite features. “We often have dinner out there … people will drive by, and the kids will always wave. It’s so funny,” Jennifer said.

Buyers pick the Central Park Rows for their energy-efficiency or welcoming floor plans, said Michael Shank, a sales assistant with Thrive Home Builders, and the row homes appeal to most homeowners.

“We don’t have a specific buyer demographic,” Mike said. “We see everyone from new families to empty nesters, and they’re all looking for the lower maintenance that comes with a town home.”


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