Meet the Neighbors!

Brett Warner and Wes Petterson call themselves “Parkwood stalkers.”

“Every couple of months, we would pop in and walk around the models,” Wes said.

The couple moved to Stapleton in 2008, but always dreamed of moving up to Parkwood Homes’ Georgetown Collection.

“It’s the styling. They have great layouts,” he said. “The cost of any upgrade was affordable, and anything we asked for, it was a ‘yes.’”

The pair moved to Stapleton for the feel and have never lived far from their new home in the Central Park West neighborhood.

“We were one of the first to move into Central Park North … our friends wanted us to stay on this side of Stapleton,” Brett said. “We’ve been so happy. It feels more like a community than other areas like Capitol Hill or Five Points. Everybody knows everybody.”

Wes said the proximity to downtown and the diversity of Stapleton’s architecture helped draw them to the community.

“The master plan is really smart,” he said.

Parkwood Homes’ Heather Barben and Dede Jeffery said a large percentage of their buyers are also moving up from another Stapleton home.

“They’re attracted to the architecture,” Heather said. “Our buyers notice the smooth walls and attention-to-detail in our homes.”


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