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January 18, 2012 Homes, Stapleton Stories No Comments

Leslie Lowery knows Stapleton.

“Meeting people is just not a problem,” she said. “I love the quality of the people here. It’s friendly, and people seem to be doing more of what I love to do.”

Lowery works as a Realtor in Stapleton and moved into The Villa Collection by KB Home last year. She said it all came down to convenience.

“I want to meet my neighbors. I want to ride my bike … I want to talk to people,” she said, which wasn’t something she could easily do before moving.

Lowery purchased from KB Home in the past and appreciated the large main floor, energy efficiency and low maintenance of the homebuilder’s Villa collection.

“I love the charm I would have with an older home, but I know I would never be able to keep it up,” she said. “If you want to enjoy your life when you’re home, but also get out and go to the beer festival or Central Park, Stapleton has it all.”

Theresa Longo of KB Home said many buyers have also been drawn to The Villa Collection because of its location in Central Park West, Stapleton’s newest neighborhood.

“People feel like they have more of a serene setting because of the mews … and it’s so close to Central Park,” she said. “These are homes built side-by-side, so you don’t share a wall that borders the living space.”

Longo said that has attracted a range of buyers.

“We have everyone from people who are in college to retirees. We have it all,” she said. “And if we have inventory, we invite the Realtors of Stapleton to hold our spec homes open.

“That way, we can create networking opportunities between everyone in the community.”


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