Meet the Neighbors!

October 10, 2012 Homes, Stapleton Stories No Comments

Glenn Hermanson and Shine Lin had more than one reason to move to Stapleton.

“We lived in Capital Hill, and we were ready to start a family and adopt a couple dogs … we wanted somewhere that was central with more space,” Glenn said.

The couple just moved into a home in the Innovations Collection by Wonderland Homes.

“We loved the architecture … and this home is only 1,800 square feet, but all of it is smart – even the pocket office off the kitchen,” he said.

“My favorite part is the balcony on the second floor,” Shine said.

And it’s all on a courtyard that she and Glenn share with a few other neighbors.

“The courtyard has helped us meet the neighbors. Everyone has their own space or porch, so you see people whenever you’re outside and can really get to know them,” Glenn said.

Their home is also in Stapleton’s Central Park West neighborhood.

“I wish I had 10,000 more lots to sell here. It’s such a walkable, incredible area – Central Park is right here. Restaurants and shopping are nearby,” said Sean McAleavey with Wonderland Homes. “From the larger retail centers to the East 29th Avenue Town Center, it’s all just a short walk away.”

Glenn and Shine were looking for that walkability.

“I wanted somewhere I could walk to get a cup of coffee or explore green space,” he said.

Their new home even has its own yard for the two cocker spaniels the couple just adopted.

“We really wanted that type of space,” Glenn said.


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