Lisa Hall: Cycling Enthusiast

As we all know, Lisa Hall, Builder Program Director, is passionate about homes, architectural design, color, streetscapes, landscaping and all that goes into making the residential program at Stapleton so successful.

But, what you might not know about Lisa is that she is also extremely passionate about road biking.  Lisa began her “second” career in the summer of 2009, when she purchased a hybrid road bike.  She had not been on a bike since childhood.  She started riding by circling the blocks around her home.  Fearful of traffic, Lisa’s first major challenge was crossing Wadsworth Boulevard to ride the trails in Belmar Park.  That was soon followed by her discovering the South Platte trails, which she used to work up to 10- and 30-mile rides, along with several bike-to-work days with Diane Deeter.

The next year, Lisa’s goal was to ride 50 miles, predominantly on urban bike trails.  That led her to change to clip pedals, enabling her to ride longer and to begin tackling climbs in Morrison and Evergreen.  She then entered her first organized  ride, Elephant Rock, in June 2010.  “That’s when I realized I really loved cycling.  I started watching pro-cycling on television and was inspired to ride even more.”  She admires the great pros such as Lance Armstrong , George Hincapie and Fabian Cancellara for their physical and mental efforts required of this sport.

Lisa’s greatest accomplishment in cycling came last spring when she rode “Ride the Rockies,” a six day, 413-mile ride that began in Crested Butte and ended in Georgetown.  Lisa traversed four mountain passes, including Cottowood, Rabbit Ears and Berthoud Passes.   When packing for her first Ride the Rockies, she called a friend to discuss a dilemma she found herself in.  There was not enough room for a fourth pair of high heels in her suitcase.  You see, Lisa thought that everyone probably dressed up to go to dinner each evening.  But she quickly found out that her evenings were spent sitting on an ice bag in her hotel room, and that did not require heels.

When asked what her most rewarding aspect of cycling is, without hesitation she said “my stress melts away and is replaced by an invigorating sense of peace.  It makes me realize how grateful I am to be alive and on my bike, enjoying all of the incredible scenery Colorado has to offer.”

Lisa’s training is underway for 2012, and her planned rides include Elephant Rock, the Santa Fe Century, the Copper Triangle, Ride the Rockies and the Deer Creek Challenge Century, which is recognized as one of the hardest rides in the United States.

And, Lisa won’t be packing any heels for this year’s Ride the Rockies!

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