Keep Those Resolutions

Central Park Bike Walking Trail

By: Marissa Jones

We hear it every year. New Year. New me! Losing weight is consistently one of the top resolutions for Americans. Stapleton is an opportune community to begin achieving weight loss goals. Whether you enjoy being active outdoors, or hitting the gym, Stapleton has a variety of health-conscious resources and options to help get you started.

From day one, Stapleton was seen as a community where people could spend more time outside. That being said, parks and open space are a core part of the community’s DNA. Neighboring the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge to the north, and bifurcated by the Sand Creek Regional Greenway, it is no wonder why being outside played such a vital role in the development planning. The community offers over 50+ parks with more on the way. Each park provides a thoughtfully landscaped and themed experience. For instance, Greenway Park consists of a skate park, climbing wall, picnic areas, and much more. Are you a running enthusiast?  Then explore Denver’s third largest park, Central Park. Care to take things slower? Enjoy weekly free neighborhood walks with Walk2Connect.

Don’t think we forgot about those of you who love to ride your bikes! We have over 46 miles of biking and walking trails that connect to the City of Denver’s 850 miles of bike trails. Westerly Creek paths offer scenic views of nature and public art. Bring the little ones with you to Spinning Spokes Parklet where they can enjoy a bike track designed with scored concrete to create sound patterns from the tires.

Discover all of Stapleton’s parks and open space here +

If the gym is more of your scene, then you certainly have options. Bladium Sports and Fitness Club offers activities for youth, as well as group exercise, personal training, crossfit, and sports. Curves gives you the support you need to meet your goals with their  30-minute workout that covers warm-up, cardiovascular, strength training, cool down, and stretching.  At Orangetheory Fitness their 60-minute training consists of treadmill interval training, rowing, and weight room or resistance training blocks.

See all gym options in Stapleton here +

Now that you’re ready to kick off 2016 with a healthy start, here are a few tips from Gaiam Life to help you keep your fitness resolution.

  • Be realistic with the goals you want to achieve.
  • Outline your plan.
  • Share your goals with someone who will help keep you motivated.
  • Track the progress you are making.
  • Most importantly keep trying rather than obsessing over an occasional slip.

A saying that seems to be all too common these days is “There’s an app for that.” There are numerous free apps dealing with all things fitness you can download and utilize to stay motivated, track progress, and get inspiration. My Fitness Pal happens to be a popular app that syncs with a fit bit and personal computer.

In Stapleton, the options are virtually endless with wide open outdoor spaces and a variety of exercise programs to choose from. Cheers to a new you and achieving the fitness goals you have!

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