July 2015- RTD FasTracks East Rail Line News


Construction Completed

  • Shifting of Albion Street and 40th Avenue, east of Colorado Boulevard
  • Railroad communications testing at the following railroad crossings:
    • Havana Street
    • Chambers Road
    • Dahlia Street
    • Holly Street
    • Monaco Street Parkway
    • Steele Street

 Construction Underway

  • Testing of the communications systems, railroad signals and signal lights at the following crossings:
    • York/Josephine streets
    • Clayton Street
  • Installation of sidewalks, curb and gutters along 38th Street between Wynkoop Street and Arkins Court
  • Drainage pond construction at the 38th/Blake Station Park-n-Ride

Upcoming Construction

  • Installation of handrail on the 40th/ Colorado Station platform
  • Installation of ticket vending machines at the Central Park Station
  • Elevator installation at the 40th Ave. & Airport Blvd
    • Gateway Park Station
  • Installation of windscreens on the Peña Boulevard Station platform

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