The Joyfully Jobless Weekend

Barbara Winter wrote the book on self-employment. Literally. Making a Living Without a Job has inspired people all over the work to take the leap and become their own bosses. She has created the “Joyfully Jobless Weekend” to bring aspiring entrepreneurs together to get tools, information and inspiration for succeeding in business. The weekend is broken into three workshops, one on Friday evening and two on Saturday. You can take them separately, or get a discount on the whole package.

9/15/17–Establish Yourself as an Expert  Discover free and inexpensive ways to establish yourself as an expert in the field of your choice. Discover the easiest way to begin packaging your information and getting it out there.

9/16/17–Making a Living Without a Job  This class will show you the basics and new possibilities for working when, where, and how you want—and help you determine whether jobless earning is right for you. Learn three important techniques for success and how to recognize and manage the obstacles you will face.

9/16/17–I Hate Marketing Marketing is often the least favorite activity of small business owners. Learn how to master marketing fears and make marketing fun; the essentials of making your business stand out; how to find clients in off the beaten track ways; how to generate word of mouth endorsements; free and inexpensive sources of promotion; and skills that will generate a growing customer base.

Colorado Free University, 7653 E. 1st Pl. For individual seminars, $51 or $39 for CFU members. For the full weekend, $111 or $99 for CFU members. or (303) 399-0093 ext 0.

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