Interactive Hard Art

(Above Picture: “The Astrological Dome” by Working Art)

Ceri and Khabir Salahadyn have a way with metal.

The Salahadyns use materials ranging from aluminum and bronze to steel and copper, producing small hanging sculptures to permanent pieces in homes and businesses across the nation.

“Whether we’re making art for $150 or $150,000, all of our pieces are one of a kind,” Ceri said. “I think one of the most fascinating things about our art is that it’s metal, and it will last for hundreds of years.”

The artist duo calls themselves Working Art. They live just outside Stapleton in the former Denver Fire Station No. 26.

The station was vacated in 2006, and the couple made the 7,400-square-foot space their studio and home three years later.

Ceri and Khabir named it The Collaboratory.

“We never knew we needed four sinks in the bathroom, but once we saw this place, we had to have that,” Ceri said, laughing about the years they spent looking for the right studio.

Working Art most recently created “The Astrological Dome” for Stapleton’s newest public school, the Swigert-McAuliffe International Campus. The dome is a yellow, umbrella-shaped structure on the school’s playground.

Hole patterns are placed along the dome in the shape of zodiac signs found in the constellations. Depending on the time of year, the sun only shines directly through the holes in the sign that correspond with the season.

“The design has layers and layers of education,” Ceri said.

The Salahadyns have also begun adding water features to their art, creating metal sculptures that have panels of streaming water.

“Most of our pieces are interactive hard art,” Khabir said.

Working Art is now focused on creating pieces that help businesses produce a specific mood or environment, even educating one industrial company on the advantages of working with aluminum.

“It’s about making ideas tangible,” Khabir said.

Learn more about Working Art: Click here!

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