Infinity Home Collection Featured in Denver Post

Like the release of the newest phone, Infinity’s homeowners in Stapleton wait for the moment the models arrive, then buy.

By Mark Samuelson

Like iPhone owners who wait for the release of the newest phone, Infinity Home Collection owners in master-planned Stapleton wait for the moment the builder’s latest models are unveiled, watching for how the spaces by architect Mike Woodley are used, what the latest gadgetry will be and how HRI Design will render the new-urban interiors. “Our buyers see the next model and they want it,” says Joe Batal, who’ll show you three new collections today at Stapleton’s newest neighborhood, Beeler Park.

Believe it or not, Infinity sold 15 homes in Beeler Park in the last seven weeks since revealing its Vive and Alto models, a mile north of E. 56th Avenue on Central Park Boulevard. Pricing on Infinity’s new Alto series (they sold out in nine weeks during their debut in Lowry) are from as low as the $700s in Beeler Park; but Infinity’s previous buyers, along with new ones arriving for jobs downtown and at nearby Fitzsimons/Anschutz medical campus, carried Infinity’s sales in its last three Stapleton neighborhoods to a collective average price of over $1 million.

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