Hitting the Model Home Jackpot in North End Neighborhood

Lennar January Newsletter 1

By Tracy Williams

I LOVE looking at model homes. And I’ve loved it since I was in the ninth grade. I used to get off of the school bus a block or two ahead of my stop, walk over to the newest little cottages in my neighborhood and fantasize about buying one when I was older.

Today, I do the same thing with a twist. Being a part of the sandwich generation (I have very young children and elderly parents), I now look for homes that would comfortably house me, my children, my mother, my sister and her daughter. But nowadays, being under the same roof gives my sister and I the chance to tag team taking care of mom, and assist each other with raising our children. Good thing our three generations get along so well!

I hit the jackpot in Stapleton Denver’s North End neighborhood when I stumbled upon Lennar’s multigenerational homes. Their Next-Gen Generations Collection’s Legacy model has everything a family with our evolving needs could want.

The first, and most important feature of the beautiful model, was the main floor mother-in-law suite. Just the right size for mom, she’ll have her own outside entrance and porch without being cordoned off from the rest of the family. In fact, she’ll have her own interior front door that leads straight into the living area with the rest of the family. Privacy without isolation!

Inside, she will have her own living room area where she can entertain friends, a kitchenette, a separate bed and bath, space for a stackable washer/dryer and a small dining area.

The remainder of the house offers a bedroom for my twin boys, a princess-style bedroom for my “pretty-in-pink” niece, a master bedroom suite, a sitting area/media room and a main floor study. So much space my sis and I won’t even have to flip for a prime spot.

Additionally, a three-car garage works since all of the adults have cars, and there’s a big backyard for the kids to play in and for me to garden till my heart’s content.

Overall, I couldn’t have dreamed up a home this perfect for this stage of my life and the lives of my loved ones. All 3,171 square feet has something for everyone.

If you’re looking for the perfect multigenerational home, stop by the model at 5668 Dallas Street and take a look around. But come comfortably dressed! You’re going to want to hang out there for awhile, if not forever!



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