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Hello Neighbor Evolution of a Neighborhood

Introducing the next article in a series of stories about the evolution of Stapleton – from how we got here to what’s next. Enjoy this compilation of articles from industry experts, Realtors, long-time residents and others!

A Blog Series

By Joe Phillips

Realtor, Stapleton Scoop

My family and I are relatively new to Stapleton, but when people find out I’m a Realtor, they often ask what I think about Stapleton’s next neighborhood, Conservatory Green.  Because it’s the first Stapleton neighborhood north of I-70, they are curious to know if it’s going to have all the amenities and feel that people have come to love about the existing Stapleton neighborhoods. So here is my two cents.

Conservatory Green, like other Stapleton neighborhoods, is going to have all of the physical things that make Stapleton a wonderful place to live. It’s going to have the parks, the pools, the green space, the housing with a mix of architectural styles, etc.  More importantly though, it’s going to have what truly makes Stapleton a great place to live, which is engaged and active people. It may sound cheesy, but the people who live in a community are what really make the neighborhood what it is – more so than the homes and the amenities.

So just by living in Stapleton are you guaranteed to have neighbors you’ll love and an interactive, community feel? No, but Stapleton has set the table by building a community of homes that fosters community-building. The front porches, ample green space and endless list of activities help get people off the couch and out into the community. It’s up to people to step out, meet their neighbors and get the ball rolling, but it really helps when the community is already set up to be welcoming.

So what can you expect if you move to Conservatory Green?  Let’s use my family’s recent move to Stapleton as an example. We recently built a home in Stapleton, and in the last six months, we’ve been settling into our new place. We feel blessed all the time for having a great home and more importantly, a wonderful group of neighbors we see on a daily basis.

It’s a neighborhood where every week, the kids on the block are knocking on the door to ask if Emme (4) and Tatum (2) can come out and play … and most evenings, there are multiple neighbors hanging out on the porch, playing with kids and chatting about the day. Our block even got together as a group and built raised vegetable gardens. Those are just a few examples that illustrate the type of community Stapleton is now and the type of community Conservatory Green will be for those who chose to purchase a home there.

We’ve enjoyed our time in Stapleton so far, and we look forward to being here for a long time as we raise our family. As I learn and discover more about Stapleton, the homebuilders, the events, the businesses and the community members, I’ll be sure to share it all through my blog, The Stapleton Scoop!

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