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Larry Saltzer just wants people to eat healthy.

“I grew up in the food business. Understanding that business, sometimes you read food labels and you say ‘what is this stuff,’” he said. “I wanted people to know what they were eating. We wanted to create something that people could feel good about putting on their table.”

So he and his wife, Allison, started A&L Foods after they moved to Stapleton 10 years ago.

“We produce all natural products with fresh ingredients,” Larry said. “And we have 22 products that we sell through King Soopers.”

The products range from deli salads to dips, and you can find them in King Sooper’s Stapleton cheese & antipasto bar (or the grocer’s other locations).

“Right now, we distribute across the state, but we may expand our offerings by creating a nonperishable line,” he said.

The Saltzers applied for a grant to expand their business last year. While they didn’t get it, they’re open to future growth.

“We’re always looking for similar, nontraditional means of financing,” Larry said. “We also appreciate everyone’s support of our grant efforts and everyone who voted for us.”

For now, they’re loving life in Stapleton.

“We knew some of the first residents, and we saw Stapleton as a happy place to raise a family,” he said. “It was exciting and unknown when we first moved in. But our home is close to work, and life is convenient.”

The Saltzers also garden and bring their company’s healthy approach to their own dinner table.

“It’s nice to have a professional kitchen – it makes it easier to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner,” Larry said. “Healthy, fresh food just doesn’t come out of the box.”

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