Greenway Park is for Friends and Family, By Karl Lo

As a resident and Realtor of Stapleton since its birth, I have plenty of favorite places to choose from.  Casey’s, The Coral Room, which is now the Berkshire, are favorite places I used to call my second office.  I felt like Norm from “Cheers” every time I stepped into Casey’s because I was there so often.  As new phases develop in Stapleton, I find myself adding new favorites to my list.

This picture is of the greenbelt and open space in front of my home.  This is the view I see and enjoy every time I walk out my front door.  It’s the place where my puppies play and meet other puppies.  It’s where I play soccer and baseball with my niece and nephew who also live in Stapleton.  The greenbelt is where we hold Easter egg hunts and have a pumpkin patch during Thanksgiving. It is a scene we enjoy while having dinner on our porch on a warm summer night with a glass of wine and, amazingly, the stresses of a long day just seem to disappear. It’s a gathering place where friends and family come over for BBQs on a typical sunny Colorado spring day with the volleyball net set up. It’s our pre-party starting point before we walk over to the Stapleton brew fest.  This favorite place is where my fiancé Tiff and I sit and talk about our dreams and ambitions with mountain views in front of us.

Even though there are plenty of places I can call my favorite, it is hard to beat the green belts, trails and open spaces in Stapleton.

By Karl Lo 
Innovative Real Estate Group