Goodwill’s Career Connection Center- Helping People Through Career Development

Veronica helping Winifred at the Career Connection Center in the community of Stapleton Denver, Colorado.

Photo Courtesy of: Goodwill Career Connection Center Stapleton.

Goodwill’s Career Connection Center in Stapleton is helping to fulfill the Green Book’s vision for Stapleton by providing the community with an outlet to develop human resources. It serves as a bridge in building a strong bond between the center and the community. It is, “A place in the community where goals and needs are met,” said Vanessa Clark, Senior Director of Marketing. Goodwill’s Career Connection Center is most in line with Stapleton’s desire to be a sustainable community. Stapleton was created with the intention of providing a community in which people could live and work. The Career Connection Center teaches skills required in the workforce allowing individuals to be self-sustaining and able to live and work within a community.

The Career Connection Center at Stapleton is one of the many programs of Goodwill Industries in which individuals acquire new skills, strengthen existing ones; as well as have a supportive staff to aid in their career exploration. The center positions people for success by providing classes in a wide variety of topics from workshops on building resumes to healthy relationships. Vanessa shared that the mission of Goodwill’s Career Connection Center is to “give dignity and hope to Coloradans in need through the power of work.” They also provide “individuals attention to find work and success in careers.” By hosting hiring events, the Career Connection Center gets people in front of companies that are hiring for positions.

The center is not just for Stapleton residents; according to Veronica O. White, the Work Skills Instructor, it is for anyone who is “motivated, reliable, and dependable;” it is for those with an “eagerness to find a job.” Vanessa added that it is “not a resource for Goodwill,” rather “it helps those out in the community find jobs.” If a person is in need of career assistance, and is 16 years of age or older, they can utilize the Career Connection Center. It is for those who are wishing to re-enter the workforce and people who want to attain new skills in order to advance in their career.

To utilize the Career Connection Center, community members need to attend an orientation about the center and the expectations of those using the center. Once this is completed, users are able to: utilize the computer lab, have access to any of the Career Connection Center’s locations, as well as sign up and attend classes. During the first visit, users will receive assistance from the staff to assess their skill set and what they want to achieve. The end goal is to help people along their path to self-sufficiency in a supportive community setting.

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