Gardening at The Urban Farm

It’s never too early to start thinking about the next gardening season …

The Urban Farm at Stapleton will have plots available to new gardeners beginning Feb. 1,” said Evelyn Alton, a Colorado Master Gardner and volunteer at The Urban Farm.

She said some plots are renewed every year, but about 20 of the 42 in the farm’s community garden are usually available to new renters.

“Yard space is at a premium in the surrounding area, and while you may have an area to garden, we have generations that have not touched the soil, and they feel intimidated by the prospect of gardening,” Evelyn said. “The Urban Farm can help them get started, and I think it’s important that people connect with where their food comes from.”

The farm is at 10200 Smith Rd., just northeast of Stapleton.

“Our community garden was built in 2000,” Evelyn said. “And we practice organic methods, so no pesticides are permitted.”

Interested in a garden plot?

Here’s the cost breakdown:

  • One membership to The Urban Farm, which covers all family members: $60

And …

  • $65 for an 8×10 plot
  • $75 for 10×12
  • Or $85 for 10×15

“The plots are not a true rectangle, but the square footage is pretty close … and each plot requires about an hour a week to maintain,” Evelyn said.

The Urban Farm also asks each gardener to donate eight hours of community service to other parts of the farm, wedding the paths or helping where they would like.

And gardeners must have their plots ready for the new season by June 1.

“We just want to ensure the community garden’s being utilized,” Evelyn said. “There’s a demand for the gardens, especially since a fair amount of our visitors live in Stapleton or Park Hill and can ride their bike or hike over.”

The Urban Farm also offers a couple other benefits.

“We usually have gardening seminars every first Saturday during the summer,” Evelyn said. “It’s free to the gardeners, and we talk about topics such as insects and pests, tomatoes, getting the most from your garden, and planting techniques.

“I’m even going to set up a schedule of when I’ll be at the community garden, so I’ll be around to answer any questions.”

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