Future Eastbridge Town Center

November 23, 2010 Development Updates No Comments

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In response to numerous requests, here is a “concept plan” for the Eastbridge retail development. It is called a concept plan because it is just that, a concept for the development providing a direction for final site planning and design. In this case the concept is to locate the grocer to the east end of the site and a town center organized around a plaza to the west.  A gas station would be located east of Havana adjacent to the existing car wash. This plan suggests a town center of 22,000sf with shops and services located in two buildings.

The grocer will execute the development of their store and a third party developer selected by Forest City will execute the development of the town center based upon this concept plan. The third party developer will make the final determination about variables such as the total square footage, types of uses, number of restaurants, number of buildings, building heights, organization of buildings, configuration of the plaza and what, if any, amenities may be in the plaza, such as a water feature, play area, etc.  However, the conceptual direction of the grocer to the east, town center organized around a plaza to the west, with shared parking in between, a pedestrian linkage from the town center to the grocer, and the number of parking spaces will not materially change. Also under evaluation is a pedestrian connection along the drive aisle on Geneva Court.

The goal for this development is for the grocer and shops to open at roughly the same time. This will be subject to the grocer’s final approval of the store and the third party developer’s success in preleasing a majority of the shop space, as no lender will provide financing for a speculative, (i.e. little to no pre leased) center.