Fresh City Life My Branch

The Sam Gary Branch Library has something for everybody …

The Stapleton location offers everything from story time to crafts and cooking classes, including a series called Fresh City Life My Branch.

“Fresh City Life My Branch is a cultural program that enriches adults’ lives through reading, learning and engaging in experiences that make Denver a better place to live,” said local librarian Emily Funk.

Emily runs Stapleton’s adult classes and said the events are as diverse as other library programming.

“We have guitar lessons, cooking classes, magnet-making and more,” she said. “We also do a lot of author talks … and the cooking classes are always very popular.”

Each class is free, and you won’t need a library card to attend.

“Fresh City Life My Branch engages the community, brings new people into each Denver library branch, helps them learn about new topics, and encourages others to meet more neighbors,” Emily said. “In Stapleton, these classes will be even more dynamic because the community’s already so active.”

Take a look at the full list of events at the Sam Gary Branch Library!

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