Fireside Chats at Bluff Lake Nature Center

Fireside Chats

The time has finally come and Bluff Lake Nature Center is excited to announce that Fireside Chats are making a comeback in 2019! Join them the second Thursday of each month from 6:30-9pm for a fun, educational presentation followed by a marshmallow roast! Presentations are perfect for all ages! $2/person plus $1 for s’mores

April 11: Native Colorado Plants and Pollinators

Presented by Denver Botanic Gardens

Learn about the importance of native pollinators to our Colorado ecosystems, how to identify them, and how you can help protect them.

May 9: Whose Scat is That?

Presented by South Platte River Environmental Education (SPREE)

Scat and tracks can tell us a lot about animals! Join SPREE to learn about the critters of Denver and the South Platte River by examining the clues they leave behind.

June 13: Musical Storytime

Presented by Music for Aardvards

Music for Aardvarks is a refreshing alternative to traditional kids’ music class. Our presenter will share favorite tunes and beloved children’s tales.

July 11: Bug Safari

Presented by Butterfly Pavilion

In Bug Safari, guests meet invertebrates from environments around the globe, hear about their characteristics, where and how they live, and why they are important in our world.

August 8: TBA

Presented by The Urban Farm

September 12: Animals of the Wizarding World

Presented by Nature’s Educators 

Some of these fantastical beasts are real-life creatures! Meet our live animal guests for yourself, learn about their diets & habitats, and help your kids get excited about reading!

October 10: Dinosaur Ridge and the Environment

Presented by Dinosaur Ridge

Dr. Libby Prueher invites you to learn about the past environments from the studies of Dinosaur Ridge. You will also get the opportunity to be up close and personal with dinosaur fossils.

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