Feature Article: Metro Brokers Real Estate


Metro Brokers Real Estate at Stapleton has been in the community since the beginning.

“It was pretty exciting to be selling out of trailers before anything was built,” said Samantha Dardano of Metro Brokers. “We just saw such an opportunity at Stapleton.”

Her stepmother, Lana Dardano, opened the Metro Brokers location in the East 29thAvenue Town Center in 2003.

“She and I did quite a bit of business in Park Hill, and I would have to say Lana was the visionary when it came to Stapleton,” Samantha said. “We just knew Stapleton was going to rock.”

She said the office’s town center presence has helped welcome potential residents to the community.

“It’s great to have the storefront location,” Samantha said. “Not a lot of Realtors have that opportunity. Our office is open seven days a week, and we often give walk-ins an overview of the community.”

Samantha said she has seen Stapleton become something for everyone.

“It’s easy to brag about Stapleton. There’s a little bit of everything here,” she said. “There are empty nesters, singles and families. You also have a ton of strollers. Everyone’s here because people move up; they don’t move out.”

Samantha said the Metro Brokers office has sold more than 100 homes to people who have walked into the Stapleton location. She said the real estate business also supports community events.

“We’re Metro Brokers Real Estate at Stapleton. We’re not going anywhere,” Samantha said.


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