Explore Bouquet Park in Stapleton’s Bluff Lake Neighborhood


A new park that is sure to delight your sense of smell is nearing completion in Stapleton’s seventh great neighborhood, Bluff Lake.

The plantings in Bouquet Park, one of many Stapleton community pocket parks, were selected for their aromatic bouquet, from the roses to the lilacs, to the linden trees and the lavender.

In the center of the park, on top of the hill you will find an etching of five flowers.  Take a piece of paper and crayons, then rub the stone.  You can begin your search for the five replicated stone images hidden throughout the park.  It’s a fun adventure for kids and adults alike.

As the plantings become established and the park is in full bloom, visitors are encouraged to visit the cutting garden in the southwest corner of the park.  Treat yourself to a bouquet to take home.

Bluff Lake has been a fast-growing neighborhood of 358 homes with only 14 home lots available for sale, and a series of parks nestled within.

Bluff Lake neighborhood is a place you can call home. Learn more about what’s available and visit today!


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