Enjoying the Pocket Parks in Beeler Park Neighborhood

Did you know that all of the pocket parks in Beeler Park neighborhood are completed?  What’s a pocket park? They’re 1-3 acre parks that serve as an extension of your yard and a ready change of scenery. There are a total of 8 pocket parks in Beeler Park, all with a little something different to offer. Whether it be relaxing under a pergola watching the sunset or staying cool in the meandering stream, the pocket parks in Beeler Park Neighborhood are like hidden gems for you to explore.

Beeler Park & Plaza is located at Beeler Street & 58th Avenue. The park and plaza includes a stream-like waterway, community tables and event space. Quickly becoming one a neighborhood favorite.

After playing in the stream stroll down Beeler Street Parkway, along the meandering “country road” landscape and link to Cottonwood Clearing Park and Front Range Park, where you’ll encounter groves of fruit trees, wildflowers meadows and open lawns.


Cottonwood Clearing Park is located at 59th Place and Beeler Street located at the center of the neighborhood. This space offers both active and passive areas including and old fashion water pump and pergola.

At the north end of Beeler Street you arrive at Front Range Park. The best place to watch the sunset is from this relaxing vantage point, with sweeping views of Longs Peak and the Rocky Mountain Arsenal and Wildlife Refuge.

Looking for a fun area for kids? Head over to Rolling Bluff Park which offers adventures for kids of all ages, encouraging exercise and athletic challenges. This park includes fun hills for riding bikes, scooter or anything with wheels over. Plus there’s a playground.

Other parks in the neighborhood include Lifted Meadow Park, Pea Pod Park and 59th Street Parkway. Although, no matter where you wander there is a new adventure waiting for you in Beeler Park Neighborhood.

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