Emergency Preparedness “Grab & Go” Binder with Cloud Back-Up!

Kevin Boyd presenting at Colorado Free University in Denver, CO

You have 30 minutes to get out, what do you do?! This course gives you the tools to be prepared should a disaster hit. Determine what is crucial to take in the event of fire, flood, natural disaster or medical emergency. Organize your vital information in a grab-and-go binder. Easily convert everything to electronic documents including photo albums, and back it all up to the Cloud. Discover local evacuation routes, useful free apps and multiple tips. Create your own “go” bags, backpacks and bins. Kevin Boyd was in Santa Rosa, CA as the fires spread and saw how devastated people were. You may prefer to think “it can’t happen to me,” but do yourself a favor and be ready, just in case.

Monday 5/14, 6-9 PM
Colorado Free University
7653 E. 1st Pl
Denver, CO 80230
$51 or $39 for CFU Members

Learn more and register for the class here+

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