“Elsie’s Backyard,” By Lane Walsh; Dwell Denver Real Estate


“One of the most unique and by far the coolest thing about Stapleton is the variety of people it attracts. Out of the hand full of homes that I have sold in Stapleton, no two have been alike. I’ve sold homes to single guys looking for the perfect bachelor pad, young families who need more space and professional couples who enjoy the “newness” of the neighborhood. In Stapleton, there really is something for everyone.

One such young couple bought their first home together in Central Park North in September of last year. After watching it grow from the ground up, they were excited beyond words to finally move into the home of their dreams. Their home, built by Infinity, is a modern architecture lover’s delight.  Clean lines, superb upgrades, classy as can be … with a twist. One of the owners of this home just happens to be the Executive Chef at Panzano Italian Restaurant and Lounge, located in the Hotel Monaco in Downtown Denver.

Elise’s motto is “those who eat well, live well.” And Elise and Sam’s backyard is living proof … literally! The outdoor fireplace provides the ambiance of a nightclub patio in L.A., but just five steps away, everything that grows in the backyard is edible! Herbs, vegetables, fruit – you name it. They hired a master gardener who actually sat in their yard for days, watching the sun patterns so that they could plant accordingly! Then there is the custom wood-fired pizza oven. What comes out of there is nothing short of decadent, and anyone lucky enough to be invited over for dinner is in awe.

When I think about my favorite place in Stapleton, it is my friend’s backyard. A new home with a close-knit neighborhood feel – sleek and modern, comfortable and sustainable. And that’s what’s great about Stapleton – it can be whatever you want it to be no matter who you are or what you love.”


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