East Rail (A) line Celebration at Central Park Station

By: Skylar Colclazier

The East Rail (A) line Community Open House held at Central Park Station—8200 Smith Road—was a jovial event as folks from Denver Transit Partners and the Regional Transportation Department (RTD) joined together to celebrate the opening of the station’s Park-n-Ride. The Central Park Station Park-n-Ride will open along the East Rail Line that connects Downtown’s Union Station and Denver International Airport.

The Open House was an eye opener to the reality of the commuter rail and its potential impact on the communities surrounding the station. The benefits of commuter rail include: affordable mobility, congestion management, economic development, financial savings, decrease of environmental emissions and more.  Transit oriented development (TOD), across the United States, has gained significance as a means of addressing today’s urban growth (“Rail Transit’s…”).

For commercial properties, the commuter rail creates a large-scale impact. A meta-analysis showed TOD’s had a consistently higher positive impact on commercial property value.  Parcels near transit stops enjoy easier access and better connectivity. The benefit of greater access and connectivity are capitalized into the market value of the land. While residents have the benefit of an easier and more convenient mode of transportation to jobs, shops, and other destinations; businesses benefit from an enlarged laborshed of potential workers and being located in an epicenter of commercial activity.

The Central Park Station will have a Park-n-Ride lot with 1,500 parking spaces. The first and largest of its kind. “This is a big milestone for us to have the new lot, and people will get a closer view of what commuter rail will look like,” said Tara Bettale, RTD spokeswoman for the East Rail Line.

Central Park Station is scheduled to open in spring 2016.

  • Address: 8200 Smith Road, Denver, CO 80238
  • Cross streets: Smith Road and Uinta Street
  • Parking spaces: 1,500
  • Bike racks: 10
  • Bike lockers: 12
  • Bus routes: 28, 38, 40, 43, 65, 73, 88, 89, 105, AB/ABA, and AS
  • Future rail line: “A” (between Union Station and DIA)

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