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By: Skylar Colclazier

Starting a business is no small feat and relocating a business takes time as well as thorough research. Dr. Jack Nguyen, DDS delved into both processes simultaneously when he decided to go solo and start his own practice—Awesome Dental Stapleton.

Awesome Dental Stapleton has been recognized as a 2015 top Denver Dentistry practice. Dr. Jack prides himself on running a safe, respectful, honest and patient-oriented practice. With a variety of services—cleanings, root canals, fillings, bridges, implants, oral surgery and dentures—Awesome Dental Stapleton has everything your mouth could need. Overall, you’ll never be disappointed with the service you receive. “Dr. Jack received over ninety applicants and chose only a small handful of people to represent Awesome Dental Stapleton and provide quality care for ever patient.”

Dr. Jack Nguyen is happy to bring his new practice to Stapleton. Formerly, he co-owned a dental practice located in Lakewood, Colorado. He measured the costs and benefits of various thriving locations and decided to plant roots in Denver’s Stapleton community.  Stapleton is a young family-oriented and health-conscious mixed-used master-planned community—all the right ingredients for a flourishing medical practice.

The community offers a large potential customer base of over 20,000 residents within a short distance. Additionally, development growth continues within the Stapleton boundaries that span both north and south of I-70 – with a series of new residential neighborhoods and commercial/retail businesses going vertical each year.

With a 4,000-sqaure-feet space, Dr. Jack will have room to grow his business in this thriving community. Make sure to give this new practice a try.

Awesome Dental Stapleton
3600 N. Quebec St
2nd Floor of Vectra Bank
Denver, CO 80207

Contact Awesome Dental Stapleton +

Enter through the main doors of Vectra bank and take the elevator on your left.

Available Space in Stapleton

Available Land in Stapleton

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