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Tables is bringing in a few new tables.

The Denver restaurant is expanding into two spaces alongside its Park Hill location this winter.

“We’re pretty much going to double our space, and a lot of that will be to expand the kitchen,” said co-owner Amy Barrett. “But we’re also going to have coat closets and more elbow room. And our bar’s going to be a bit bigger.

“We’re going to have a similar space with separate rooms and the same kind of feel.”

That includes the dining rooms’ tables that she finds and restores.

“I go to garage sales and come back with tables,” Amy said. “Some people have a thing for shoes, but for me, it’s tables. I refinish every single table – it’s definitely a labor of love.”

She and husband, Dustin, opened their award-winning restaurant nine years ago.

“We lived in the neighborhood and we both worked at Strings. We always drove down our block and thought it would be great for a restaurant,” Amy said. “We thought maybe we would open something someday, but then the space became available – it just happened so fast. We weren’t even married yet – we were engaged.”

The couple started with lunch.

“Then we were open for lunch and dinner, but our passion was dinner because that was the kind of food we had worked with,” she said. “After about a year, we just started doing dinner.”

And they’re still welcoming new faces.

“We see a lot of regulars from Park Hill and Stapleton … but at least 20 people I talked with were new last weekend,” Amy said. “The people who come to our restaurant are not people who come out in a bad mood – they’re happy, ready to have fun with their palates.”

And Tables’ winter menu is here.

“The fall to winter menu is a transition to more comfort food,” Amy said. “It’s definitely more like a blanket – like you’re coming in out of the cold.”

She said the Tables team also sets the restaurant apart.

“We eat a family meal with our employees every night. They’re all friends,” Amy said. “I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been told our service is great.”

She and Dustin are living their dreams.

“Tables is our first child – we really have a passion for food,” Amy said. “The restaurant business isn’t about making millions of dollars really fast. You have to have a passion for it.

“And now people have their first date at Tables. Life transitions happen at our restaurant. You need places to go and celebrate, and we feel honored that our guests choose us.”

Tables is at 2267 Kearney St. and 303.388.0299: Learn more!

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