Digstown a doggie day care in StapletonWhen Stacy Read digs in, she really digs in.

While visiting Colorado in the late 1990s, she drove through the area destined to become Stapleton and looked over the redevelopment plans for the upcoming neighborhood.

“I wondered why anyone would want to move to the site of an old airport,” she says.

But when she returned to Colorado to live in 2000, she not only realized Stapleton was where she wanted to put down roots; she decided it was the ideal place to open her new business.

In 2006, Read purchased a rural lot of land in Stapleton’s South End neighborhood and opened Digstown Doggie Day Care Lodge and Spaw.

Digstown typically cares for up to 120 dogs a day, some day care, some boarding. Because the facility strives to accommodate a variety of needs, they even offer emergency house sitting on occasion. They also care for dogs of all sizes and stripes, including those who are blind, elderly or have medical needs. For personalized attention, there’s a caretaker for every 10 little critters in their center.

But without another location, Digstown was bursting at the seams.

So, in late 2015, she opened a second Digstown location. The northern facility, at 5088 North Central Blvd., is slightly larger and can accommodate up to 200 dogs a day.

Both facilities offer baths, pools, shade, climate-controlled lodging areas, and even mani-pedis.

“Stapleton has just the community vibe I yearn for,” she says. “I knew that I wanted to live and work here, so I purchased my first home here, opened both doggie day care sites here and my two children attend school in Stapleton as well.”

And there are plans to dig in further with the anticipated opening of her third business in Stapleton, a liquor store, in early 2016. She is also in her third Stapleton home, the latest one in Conservatory Green.

“Stapleton has everything I want, so I never saw the need to go into another area when everything I want is right here – including all the furry friends I could ever want.”

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