“Did You Know?” – Summer Adventures


By: Xavier Cunningham

My name is Xavier Cunningham, a high school dreamer from the Colorado I Have A Dream Foundation, and writer of the “Did You Know?” blog series, over the summer. I have been spending my time educating myself on Stapleton’s parks and open space system. I have learned many surprising facts about all the different parks, from Westerly Creek’s history as an underground drain pipe, to The Urban Farm’s start as an after school horsemanship program. What stands out to me about these parks is they all have meaning, history, and they all say Stapleton.

Although these parks vary in physical attractions and histories, they all have a purpose to bring the community together by the way they represent Stapleton’s transition from an old airport to an environmentally conscious, diverse, and safe community. For example, many of the parks have recycled concrete from the airport incorporated into their features like the stones that make up the Eye and the Horizon. Many of the parks were also made to creatively encourage the diverse community around them to come together and share their ideas and cultures. An example of that can be found in Cherry Pie Park, where residents can post recipes for others to try.

So I encourage you to get out of the house and explore. Stapleton has over 55 parks for your enjoyment. You can also participate in some of Stapleton’s community events, a great way to have some family fun and volunteer your time to your community. If you have any questions or need more info, download the new Stapleton’s Parks Brochure.

Below you will find all of the blogs I have written about my adventures this summer exploring Stapleton, please enjoy.


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