Did You Know? Eye and the Horizon


By: Xavier Cunningham

My name is Xavier Cunningham. I am a high school Dreamer from the Colorado I Have a Dream program and I have grown up watching Stapleton develop as a community. I didn’t know about a lot of the great things in Stapleton, yet I have learned many great and surprising discoveries; and hope to tell you about these unique places, through my eyes, in this blog series called “Did You Know?”  Introducing the third story in this series.

The Eye and The Horizon

The Eye and The Horizon is a specifically complicated and meaningful piece of public art. Located on East 29th Ave. and Xenia St, this amazing sculpture is impossible to miss as you drive down the street. It is quite a great surprise if you don’t know it’s there beforehand. It is a large, eye-shaped stone with large rods holding it upright. Many think the piece, like most others, is just a great piece of artwork (my personal favorite) put there to spice up the neighborhood. But the Eye and the Horizon, like most others, has a lot more to it than that.

In my opinion, The Eye and The Horizon says “Stapleton”. The whole sculpture is made of recycled runway concrete and other airport materials. This is a fantastic example of how Stapleton recycles old materials to improve their goals as a thoughtful, creative, and environmentally conscious community. And what is more interesting about the sculpture isn’t the sculpture itself. It’s when you look at the neighborhood through the sculpture; you see all the aspects of the neighborhood. You can see the different styles of housing. You can see public parks and Central Park to the north. You can see people walking their dogs and talking to others. You can even see Westerly Creek  School to the south. These are all the things that make up Stapleton and what the community represents, a welcoming place for the residents to live, go to school, interact with visitors, and overall enjoy.

The next time you go look at The Eye and The Horizon, don’t just look at the sculpture, look at the neighborhood all around you through the sculpture’s “eye”.  Notice all the great amenities Stapleton has to offer.

Learn more about Stapleton’s vast collection of parks and open space by viewing the new Stapleton’s Parks Brochure.

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