Did you Know? Central Park


My name is Xavier Cunningham.  I am a high school Dreamer from the Colorado I have a Dream program and I have grown up watching Stapleton develop as a community.  I didn’t know about a lot of the great things in Stapleton, yet I have learned many great and surprising discoveries: and hope to tell you about these unique places, through my eyes, in this blog series called “Did You Know?” Introducing the sixth story in the series.

Central Park

Located on Central Park Boulevard, stretching down Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and stopping at the border of Westerly Creek Park, is of course Central Park. This “80 acres of fun”, exhibits many of the unique and artistic aspects of Stapleton. It is one of the most popular places in Stapleton and there aren’t many other places that capture the spirit that Central Park does.

Central Park is a good representation of Stapleton’s principles and how the community turned the old airport into something safe, fun and useful. It has its traditional parts, like the fields, the trees, and the active people running, biking, or playing sports in it. But it also has parts of parks that Stapleton is known for, like the variation of public gathering places, and the connection to Stapleton’s parks and open space network. It even has a pond that takes up a full acre, and a fountain for people to play in. It is the third biggest park in Denver, and attracts people from all over the city to enjoy these things. And in my personal opinion, Central park is pretty much a mix of all the other parks in Stapleton. But what makes Central Park even more “Stapleton” is it’s very artistic, unique, and, well, goofy playground. This playground was made with a Dr. Seuss design and attracts a great deal of people. It has miniature, purple mountains, really cool equipment to play on, and large rock climbing boulders designed by professional rock climbers. It even has oddly shaped lamps to go with the rest of the craziness. If you haven’t been there yet, you don’t know what you’ve been missing, so go visit it and all its glory.

Learn more about Stapleton’s vast collection of parks and open space by viewing the new Stapleton’s Parks Brochure.

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