Denver Neighborhood Seed Co.

Kenny Be is sketching out Denver’s character.

The local artist is creating drawings of fruits and vegetables that represent each neighborhood’s personality or history.

“I call it the Denver Neighborhood Seed Company, and that came about because the Denver County Fair organizers wanted me to have an art show … so I picked a fruit or vegetable for every neighborhood,” Be said.

He showed his work at the last county fair and has already created more than 40 neighborhood drawings.

“I’ve done 43 neighborhoods, and there are 77 official neighborhoods in the city of Denver … I’ve enjoyed the project and it has been very, very popular,” he said. “It would be nice to get it done – I’ve got it in my head to get it done.”

Stapleton is represented by a Brussels sprout plant that’s taking over the former airport’s control tower.

“I try to match a landmark of a neighborhood to a fruit or vegetable,” Be said. “I learned more about Denver and produce during this project than I ever cared to know.

“For tiny neighborhoods, I try to pick smaller vegetables and then associate them with those,” he said. “Other neighborhoods have their own history – Overland Park started out as a potato farm and the Country Club neighborhood started out as a cabbage patch. So I used those vegetables for them.

“It definitely wasn’t random.”

Be also created T-shirts for each area. To request copies of his artwork or learn more, visit!

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