Denver has the right Business Climate and so does Stapleton

What makes one metropolitan area more attractive than another when evaluating business climate? Forbes’ “List of the Best Places for Business and Careers” describes the components of a strong business climate: highly educated workforce, affordable operating costs and diverse economy, among others. Denver ranks No. 1 out of 401 metropolitan areas in the U.S.

Panasonic Enterprise Solutions and Lockheed Martin’s decisions to locate and relocate, respectively, are demonstrations of Denver’s attractiveness. Jim Doyle, Panasonic’s President emphasized Denver’s connectivity as a selling point. Whereas, Barry Noakes, the Chief Engineer for Lockheed’s commercial space business, highlighted Denver’s highly educated workforce.

Denver’s plot continues unfolding with an influx of new players that only contribute to its robust business narrative.

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Businesses looking to start, build, or relocate face a myriad of decisions like those mentioned in the Forbes article. Denver offers the business climate for success; but, where in Denver should a business plant its roots?

In recent news, United Airlines announced their decision to expand their Flight Training Center in Stapleton, Denver’s progressive address for business.

United Airlines, among the various other businesses located in Stapleton, is positioned to capitalize on Stapleton’s various attractive attributes. With over 20,700 residents and nearly all sizeable concentrations of knowledgeable talent within 30 minutes, Stapleton offers the qualified labor pool that Panasonic’s President underlined in his reasoning for choosing Denver.

Stapleton is 15 minutes from Downtown Denver and 20 minutes from Denver International Airport (DIA). Connectivity, an important factor for Lockheed Martin, is a Stapleton advantage. Various transit options, including excellent access along I-70 and the upcoming commuter rail line (RTD’s East Rail Line), amplify Stapleton’s connection to surrounding areas. Furthermore, employees working in Stapleton have a superfluity of dining and retail locations, with over 60 dining and over 120 retail and service options.

Want prime location, connectivity and a qualified labor pool? Stapleton is the place.

Commentary by Skylar Colclazier

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