Denver Discovery School

December 26, 2013 Development Updates No Comments
Denver Discovery School is just eight months from opening day.

The school will share a campus with Swigert International School when McAuliffe moves this August.

“It’s a new building; there’s technology in every space; and it’s a great environment,” said Kristen Atwood, a Stapleton resident and Denver Discovery’s new principal. “The parent community is also amazing.”

She said the location even provides another advantage.

“Because we’re sharing the building with Swigert, Denver Discovery School can only be so big,” Kristen said. “It will never be larger than 300 students, which keeps everything focused on the individual student.”

The school will launch with 100 sixth graders.

Denver Public Schools (DPS) just opened next year’s SchoolChoice enrollment, and at this point, I have about 58 families that have listed Denver Discovery School as their first choice,” she said. “But we’re going to hit 100 pretty quickly. There’s a lot of competition out there, and Stapleton residents really have strong options for education in the community.”

The school will then add another 100 students during the following two years until it includes sixth through eighth grade.

“If people are on the fence between a few different schools and they really want to know what Denver Discovery School is all about, they can schedule a tour with me,” Kristen said, emphasizing that the school will focus on individual students in unique ways.

“We’re dedicated to project-based learning as well as leadership as a core value. Students will be able to practice their presentation skills, and community service will be part of the curriculum,” she said. “When DPS gave me a year to plan Denver Discovery, I did some soul searching and started looking at areas I could have benefited from when I was in school.”

Each student will also have a laptop. And everyone will wear uniforms.

“It was important for us to reduce barriers so when each student comes in every day, they’re all on the same playing field,” Kristen said. “We’re going to have kids from all areas, and it shouldn’t matter what they’re wearing or what they’re background is.”

Aside from the DPS curriculum, Denver Discovery School will offer Singapore Math, a unique science curriculum and a full athletic program.

“We’re also accepting resumes for core teachers, counselors and other positions,” Kristen said.

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