Deciding on Stapleton

November 6, 2013 Stapleton Stories No Comments
Deciding on Stapleton Evolution of a Neighborhood
Introducing the next article in a series of stories about the evolution of Stapleton – from how we got here to what’s next. Enjoy this compilation of articles from industry experts, Realtors, long-time residents and others!

A Blog Series

By Ankit Shah

Stapleton Resident

I recently purchased a home from Wonderland Homes in the new Conservatory Green neighborhood in Stapleton. As a long time “city dweller” I told myself I’d never buy a house outside of the urban core unless marriage, family or other concerns pushed me out there. I like the convenience, fast pace, and innovative design downtown living typically offers.

Which is why I was surprised to find myself buying a home in a master-planned community such as Stapleton two months ago, just a year after moving to Denver. But in Conservatory Green, I found everything I was looking for in a house. The convenience and easy highway access to Downtown Denver, as well as shopping, dining, movies, and even great new venues such as the Stapleton Tap House. Oh sure, being this close to Target is a huge risk to my wallet, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take!

Stapleton seems to reinvent itself for every resident. Whether it’s the casual, neighborhood feel of walking down a sidewalk to the Sunday Farmers Market, or the endless running and biking trails, there really is something for everyone. And Conservatory Green, like the rest of Stapleton, offers something that downtown dwellers sorely lack: green space! Purchasing a house that has green space on three sides of it has more benefits than could ever be quantified.

Being one of the first residents in a new community also has several benefits. In addition to seeing your neighborhood take shape, you have a say in how the culture of that community grows.

You’re the pioneer who purchased when there was still more dirt than yards, and more bulldozers than SUVs; but you set the precedent for how all future residents may interact. Whether it’s the casual “hi there, how you doing,” an alleyway congregation, or an impromptu Sunday block party, I’ve experienced it all in my two short months since moving in.

Finally, my biggest fear of moving to Stapleton was the idea of living in a cookie cutter neighborhood that I thought would be agrestic meets Stepford. But the variety of homebuilders in Conservatory Green, coupled with the open layout of the community, allayed any doubts I had. Wonderland Homes takes the cake in innovation, with dramatic elevations, modern design, and thoughtful touches.

My courtyard has an herb garden and apple trees as well, which I’m eagerly waiting to mature and harvest. As the community continues to grow, and the parks and open spaces continue to develop, it will only further root my strong belief that anybody who’s set on living downtown the rest of their life, just hasn’t seen Conservatory Green neighborhood yet!

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