Creative Landmarks

Marty Gregg and his team make everyday landmarks memorable.

As the principal of Arthouse Design, Gregg, has spent the last 18 years creating signage and marketing campaigns that define places.

“I like designing something that’s going to be around for a while,” Gregg said about the new directional signs Arthouse created for Denver’s 14th Street. “It helps to create the urban fabric.”

Gregg just moved Arthouse into Stapleton’s Central Park Professional Condominiums.

“A lot of my clients are right in the heart of the city, but I needed a place that would be this terrific think tank … like a laboratory,” he said.

He and his family were also some of the community’s first residents.

“We were like everybody else on our block – we used to live in 1,500 square feet next to “X” park, but we needed more space,” he said. “So we found a Denver Square with a 1,000 more square feet in Stapleton, and it was new.”

Now that Gregg’s office is just a few blocks from home, it has given him more time to devote to his business.

“I’ve got more time on my hands … I can think more,” he said. “I can play with ideas and that’s my job. That’s what people pay me to do for their business.”

Arthouse Design has done work ranging from city and government projects to designing restaurant interiors and rebranding hospitality companies.

But in 2000, Gregg landed a $7-million, visitor-center project for Lockheed Martin, which changed the company. Arthouse Design went from regional work and three employees to a team of six and contracts with Fortune 500 companies.

The business is now doing work internationally and has designed signage, art and 3D landmarks for prominent places such as Children’s Hospital Colorado.

“We have an expertise for signage and 3D work – people seek us out for that,” Gregg said, adding that one of the company’s differentiators is its unique approach to each project.

“It would probably be a lot easier to apply a style to everything, but I think our clients really appreciate that we don’t do that,” he said. “We start fresh – it just keeps things more interesting.”

Arthouse Design is online at

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