Courtyard Living; By Melinda Howlett, New Perspective Real Estate

My first introduction to Stapleton, other than flying out of the former airport, was when I started selling new homes for one of Stapleton’s original builders in 2002. All of the builders were housed in temporary trailers outside the Stapleton Visitor Center. We had fabulous marketing material, the concept looked great on paper, but it never crossed my mind that just two years later, my husband and I would be so excited about moving here. As we watched it take shape, we knew it was special.

When I think about my favorite places in Stapleton, many come to mind: the East 29th Avenue Town Center restaurants, the parks and trails, and watching the sunset on a summer evening from the top of the sledding hill. But my favorite has to be our courtyard. It is truly an extension of our home. We have enjoyed block parties, birthday and graduation parties, book club gatherings, volleyball games, bouncy castles, and best of all those “hey, let’s all grab something to eat or drink and gather in the courtyard in half an hour” evenings.

There is no denying this award-winning master plan encourages the community spirit, but what really creates the heart of the community is the people. The greatest testimonial for the neighborhood (as a Realtor specializing in Stapleton) is that the majority of my business is current residents moving within the community.

I just wish Stapleton had been here when I raised my children!

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