Currently, youth athletes are evaluated based on the sound of their heart, their blood pressure, and a review of their medical history. While these tests can help determine some medical conditions, many doctors agree that an EKG should be added to the battery of tests to accurately determine the athlete’s health.

According to the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, introducing an EKG test as a preventable measure could detect two-thirds of deadly, concealed heart trouble aggravated by exercise in competition. Bladium Sports & Fitness ( has teamed up with Play With Heart to provide heart health screening for kids ages 7-19 for just $30 per participant. Sign up today to secure a spot as space is limited. There are only 125 screenings available.

Date: Saturday, October 21st 2017

Pick Your Time: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Location: Bladium Sports & Fitness Club (

Cost: $30 per participant

Ages: 7-19 years

Sign Up Online:

Factors delaying the inclusion of EKGs during screening are cost and availability. In the United States, such athletic governing bodies as the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) have implemented screens. However, since there is no governing body for high school (or younger) sports, there are no uniformly regulated practices or opportunities for screening.


With 83,000 square feet of indoor/outdoor options located on the former Stapleton Airport, there are lots of reasons people visit Bladium. Complete with 3 indoor soccer fields, indoor basketball and volleyball court, complete fitness center with 4 studios, dedicated indoor/outdoor CrossFit and Inflatable Fun Zone, owners Brad Shook and David Walsh have embraced the idea that diversity is the secret to member satisfaction. Which is why Bladium offers so many fitness options and sports programs. Bladium encourages members to participate in a mix of activities to keep things interesting and fun. “We’re committed to improving our programs to help our members reach their specific goals. Most of all, we want everyone to enjoy each and every visit.” says Brad Shook. In addition to Bladium’s Denver location, there is a second 175,000 square feet of incredible club space in Alameda, California. For more information, visit


Play With Heart launched Project Play With Heart in 2014 at youth sports health fairs with a focus on providing subsidized primary prevention cardiac screens and education to youth athletes 7-19 years of age. Each sports health fair event consists of the primary preventive cardiac screen, as well as demonstrations, presentations, and vendors that will provide relevant education, injury screening, and information to the participants, which include athletes, coaches, and parents. In partnership with national sponsors—including Philips Healthcare and local media, medical volunteers, schools, and sports entities—this program plans to screen athletes nationwide and promote our mission and message to save lives.

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