“Community … Like No Other,” By Marissa Ross; Distinctive Properties


As a local Realtor and resident living in and loving this neighborhood for almost 10 years, I have seen the Stapleton development transform from dirt roads and security guards to the beauty it is today. Magnificent homes, adventurous walking and biking trails, wondrous parks, a terrific town center, “distinguished” schools and growing families.

But when asked what my favorite attribute of Stapleton was, I was stumped. How could I choose just one?

The more I thought about it … finally, it hit me like a brick. It is simply the Stapleton “community.” Being a Realtor, I see neighborhood after neighborhood on a daily basis. I walk them, I educate myself about them, and I truly learn what they have to offer. And so far, I have not been able to find any neighborhood that compares to Stapleton.

We’re our own little oasis in the city. Our community comes chock full of diversity: energetic young adults about to embark on some of their first real challenges and successes; families growing with the beauty of age and birth; and empty nesters settling in to enjoy their frivolous retirement years. These are just some of the wonderful people who make our community so fulfilling.

We have events to partake in daily, weekly, monthly and seasonally that keep us on our toes, and in touch with our friends, family and neighbors whom are just an arm’s length away. Small locally owned businesses have started here and flourished in our neighborhood, making way for many goals to be met and dreams to be realities. The possibilities are endless… and we’re right in the center of it all … our Community.

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