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Things to do near Stapleton Denver

Child & Mom with bubbles photo courtesy of: Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus. Giraffe photo courtesy of: Denver Zoo.

Summer is in full swing and if you are like most of us, you are looking for those last minute things to take the family to before the season ends. Here is a short list of things to do nearby Stapleton.

  1. Denver Zoo featuring Dinos! Live at Denver Zoo now through October 31st.
  2. Stanley Marketplace offers a wide variety of fun including MindCraft Makerspace allowing kids-adults a chance to learn and invent.
  3. Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus allows kids a chance to explore in an interactive manner.
  4. Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge make a game to see who can spot different animals first.
  5. The Urban Farm is an educational campus, located in the city, devoted to equine education, animal care, horticulture and farming.

There is a vast array of activities you can do in and around Stapleton. These are just a few. Get out there and see what you find!

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