cafe of life

Café of Life Chiropractic is a unique healing environment in Stapleton’s South End neighborhood that offers vitalistic chiropractic services. Café of Life is proud to offer its unique and healing services to all ages (jncluding infants) and all seeking healing, growth, alignment and relaxation.

In the spectrum of life and vitality, humans have great potential. The human body is  constantly self-regulating and self-healing. However, the many stressors encountered in life can interfere with that ability. That interference happens within the spine, creating a disconnect between the brain and the body.

At the Café of Life, the primary focus is to help remove those interferences and allow the body to reach its optimum potential for function, healing, performance, and much more.

“We are proud to anchor our services in Stapleton because of the people here,” says owner Dr. Allie Evans. “Their energy and light drew us to this place, and we invite you to visit us.”

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Join us Saturday, June 29th as we celebrate the launch of North End neighborhood with the biggest party of the summer.