Café of Life Chiropractic: Business Profile


Café of Life Chiropractic (now Shine Chiropractic isn’t only concerned about your chiropractic health …

The Stapleton office is also watching out for your family and pets!

“We serve a lot of babies as well as pets to the surprise of many,” said Shine chiropractor Allie Evans. “I love the idea of new urbanism developments and the fact that Stapleton is filled with families and babies and animals.”

Evans opened her practice in 2008, partially because of Stapleton’s community design.

“The walkability component and tight-knit aspects here create a sense of community,” she said. “The events that occur here … are unique and they showcase the area businesses.”

Evans said that sense of community also attracts other businesses.

“The visibility and accessibility here are wonderful and there is a willingness of business owners to connect with each other and help each others’ businesses thrive,” she said. “I’ve even had people tell me that they’re glad that they started coming to see me because now they frequent other town center businesses.”

Café of Life Chiropractic (now Shine Chiropractic) now has one employee and an independent contractor, but Evans said she would like to grow that number and begin offering educational services.

“I plan on starting regular meetings and seminars regarding self-empowerment, how to better manage the stresses of life, create more balance, and other topics that might inspire people on their journey of self growth and evolution,” she said.

Why visit Shin Chiropractic?

“I offer a very unique environment compared to most chiropractors. The whole idea behind the Shine Chiropractic e is to create a space that represents the chiropractor as an individual, so my goal was to create a soothing yet energizing environment,” Evans said. “There is a non-clinical feel here, which allows for instant relaxation and trust. Laughter occurs on a regular basis, and I’m kind of a hug-a-holic so be ready for one after your adjustment. We need more hugs in this world!

“While there are many adjustment techniques, I pride myself on the fact that I am trained in an approach that focuses on peace and ease during the adjustment – allowing for a more powerful shift. After coming to the Café, people gain a better sense of the true benefits of chiropractic … a sense of their capacity for limitless healing and increase in the way their body functions.

“Oh, and I cannot forget … we also have an awesome massage therapist at the Shine! Post-massage, a common quote I’ve heard is ‘that was the best massage I’ve ever had!’ We are excited that we lowered the price of our 60 minute massage to $49, so that people are able to come in more regularly for both body and mind relaxation.”

Shine Chiropractic is at 7487 E 29th Place, 303.984.7483 and online at!

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