What’s Next? Elevated EyeCare


By: Skylar Colclazier

Did you know that the eye is considered the most important sensory organ of the human body? It has also been referred to as the window to the soul. There’s no doubting how important eye care is.

Members of the Stapleton community can walk to the coming Elevated Eyecare. Kyle Gilbert, O. D., and Michaela Gilbert, O.D., are bringing their vision of a family-oriented private praElevated Eyecare addressctice to the E. 29th Avenue Town Center.

I will soon get the scoop on Elevated Eyecare following its Grand Opening. Though there is no exact date set, they are hoping for a mid-to-late May opening.

Dr. Gilbert shares a message about Elevated EyeCare and why Stapleton: “My wife and I have been practicing in Denver for 4 years now, and have always hoped to start a family-oriented private practice offering unique and high quality frame lines and lens options.

Patient Resources/ Elevated EyeCare“Stapleton, to us, is unique in Denver with its strong sense of community, family-centered activities and businesses, its presence and support for local businesses, and also environmental awareness.” They are incredibly excited to serve all members of Stapleton families from six-month-old babies and up.


It’s an exciting time for Stapleton Business.

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