APRIL 2015- RTD FasTracks East Rail Line News

Construction Completed

  • Final layer of asphalt paving on 33rd Avenue between Moline and Peoria streets in Aurora
  • Installation of curb, gutter and sidewalks on Colorado Boulevard south of 40th Avenue in Denver
  • Construction of a 10-foot wide multi-use path that will connect the 40th/Colorado Station to the residential neighborhood east of Colorado Boulevard in Denver

Construction Underway

  • Roadway paving and sidewalk installation near the 40th/ Colorado Station on Jackson Street north of 41st Avenue in Denver
  • Roadway reconstruction and utility relocations on Wynkoop Street between 36th and 40th streets in Denver
  • Utility relocation work at the 40th Ave. & Airport Blvd
  • Gateway Park Station in Aurora

Upcoming Construction

  • Installation of the glass panels on the elevator tower on the 38th/ Blake Station in Denver
  • Final layer of asphalt paving for the Peoria Station access roads in Aurora
  • Installation of curb, gutter and sidewalk near Monaco Street Parkway and Smith Road in Denver