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What keeps your business running? Your people. Stapleton and Denver have a plentiful supply of qualified labor your business needs to thrive. According to a recent labor assessment, all sizeable concentrations of workers in Denver live within 30 minutes of Stapleton, and the scale and depth of Stapleton's labor force puts it in the upper 15% of metro areas in the nation.

The Stapleton airport used to be one of the busiest airports in the country – Now it’s one of the most attractive places in the country to recruit and retain talent.

And it's all located uniquely within a Colorado Enterprise Zone (EZ).  An EZ provides special tax benefits to businesses that locate at Stapleton based on investment, job creation, job training and benefits.  These tax benefits can be very significant, which is yet another incentive for your company to locate here.

This is why we’ve dedicated such a large portion of Stapleton’s 4,700 acres to commercial and retail business uses. And it’s why we’ve put so much thought into our plan for office space and retail development. Stapleton is Denver's fresh new business address and the ideal place for your business and employees.

Learn more about Stapleton's qualified labor pool and economic benefits … or click here to see area labor stats and economic development updates!

Find land opportunities in commercial real estate or available office space.


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