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Jim ‘N Nick’s BBQ has called Stapleton their home since 2008. Located at The Shops of Northfield, they love everything that Stapleton has to offer.

“We love the diversity of guests at our Northfield location.  We are heavily supported by the Stapleton community but also have a large population of people who visit while traveling.  The area has grown tremendously and we are proud to be a part of the culture here”. – Mandy Young, Jim ‘N Nick’s Marketing Director

Jim ‘N Nick’s loves everything about their BBQ- they love preparing it, love sharing it, and they really love eating it. But most of all, they love the way it brings people together. They believe that COMMUNITY is the key ingredient in any good bar-b-que.

“There’s just nothing like gathering around the table with kith and kin, raising a glass to the occasion, and raising a fork loaded with Southern tradition. It’s good for your heart, it’s good for your soul, and it’s a darn good reason for us to get out of bed every morning. At Jim ‘N Nick’s, community isn’t where we live—it’s who we are”. – Paul Bestafka, Jim ‘N Nick’s General Manager

It is part of their culture as a Southern hospitality restaurant to support the community.  They are passionate about fresh food and want to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Jim ‘N Nick’s has supported many community organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado’s recent Volley for Kids’ Sake tournament and the Colfax Marathon that is uniquely Denver in supporting well over a hundred charities.

“We are now proud to say that post-race festivities are being called the Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q After party.  The runners are probably more than a little exhausted after running 26.2 miles, so they deserve great music, cold beer, and scratch-made Southern Goodness!” – Mandy Young, Jim ‘N Nick’s Marketing Director

Jim ‘N Nick’s BBQ was voted the #1 BBQ food chains in the country by USA Today and They have also been featured on the Travel Channel and The Food Network as a must-not-miss restaurant.

Haven’t tried Jim ‘N Nick’s? Well, come on in and try the classic pulled pork. Smoked for up to 14 hours over low heat hickory coals to coax out that original smoky flavor, it’s definitely a must have menu item. Don’t forget the made from scratch sides- mac and cheese, coleslaw and the famous cheese biscuits. Bring your appetite!

Read more about Jim ‘N Nick’s BBQ goodness.

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