Back at the Ranch

Star K Ranch is just a stone’s throw away (OK, maybe a little further) east of Stapleton, nestled along the Sand Creek Regional Greenway. It offers a great weekend getaway for one to explore nature and possibly spot mule deer, raptors and beautiful songbirds.

Star K Ranch has a rich history dating back a half century when Virgil “Pop” Stark settled at the location and called it his retirement home. Pop loved throwing parties at his home, and at one time, entertained more than 3,000 guests over a three-day period. Visit the Morrison Nature Center located on Star K Ranch to learn more about Pop and his rich life on the ranch.

Morrison Nature Center

The Morrison Nature Center is located on the ranch, and it embodies part of Pop’s original home and garage, offering visitors the opportunity to discover the nature that surrounds the ranch. Exhibits throughout the center, along with the “Urban naturalist passport,” will educate and connect kids and families to the great outdoors.

Public Art Piece, “Steel Stampede”

As you enter Star K Ranch, stop to admire the beautiful public art piece called “Steel Stampede,” designed by Kentucky artist, Douwe Blumberg.  These horses seem to be leading you directly to the trail, where you can stroll along the Wetland Loop or take a longer hike along the Creekside Trail.

Events and Volunteer Opportunities

Star K Ranch offers a variety of events to delight kids and adults alike, along with volunteer programs for those looking for community outreach opportunities.  Here are just a few programs:

  • Star K Kids (ages 5 and under) – Discover the area’s wild side with puppets, stories, activities and outdoor exploration (free on Thursdays from 9:30 – 11:00 a.m.).
  • Family Fun – Choose from a variety of activities such as bird walks, wildflower walks or Nature at Night.
  • Sunset Strolls and Midnight Hikes – Enjoy an evening walk or choose to hike by the light of the moon.
  • Stewardship Saturdays – Become a steward of parks and open space to benefit your community.
  • To obtain more information regarding dates and times, please contact the Morrison Nature Center at 303.739.2428.

How to reach the Ranch

Many families have stumbled across Star K Ranch during a bike ride along Sand Creek Regional Greenway.  It’s simple – just jump on the Greenway and head east.

For those of you who would like to drive to the ranch, take Central Park Boulevard to the I-70 interchange, head east on I-70 to Chambers Road. Turn South on Chambers Road to Smith Road. Take a left on Smith Road and venture about a mile. You’ll see the sign to Star K Ranch on the right side of the road.

Watch a video at the ranch!

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