Artistic Voices

The Stapleton story has many voices.

Business owners, designers, architects, Realtors and others have shaped the community that’s now home to more than 15,000 … and artists are carrying those stories even further!

Becky Berkheimer stitched the above words, crafted stamps that represent the area, and painted rocks that spell out Stapleton.

The pieces were commissioned by Stapleton’s brand agency, Strada, to lend another voice to the community’s story.

“There’s so much shouting in advertising … this is more personalized and focused on what you’re trying to say. It’s friendlier,” Berkheimer said about the art’s direction. “It’s just refreshing to see that people are going back to this … everything doesn’t have to be done on a computer.”

Berkheimer is the art director at Anthropologie, giving her first-hand experience with marketing messages. “This was right up my alley,” she said. “We create art on a daily basis … I do a lot of signage in the stores, and I work on catalogues – it was easier for me because of what I do.”

The stitching was even done in her own handwriting.

“I developed a bunch of different typefaces and kind of laid them out based on the inspiration the project gave me,” she said. “I handwrote a bunch, and we actually ended up going with one of those.”

Once Berkheimer finished the pieces, they were photographed in New York City.

“At first, we were just getting elements of what the shoot was going to be. So we looked at Stapleton online … it was exciting to see such a cool place that used to be an old airport. It was really inspiring,” said Kendra Smoot.

She and her husband, Seth, shot each piece in their apartment studio.

“This project took over our apartment a little bit, but in a nice, creative way,” she said.

The art is similar to styles and subjects the Smoots have used in past photography.

“It’s always great when you’re paired with a client with whom you have a similar aesthetic. It was an organic process, and it felt like it was a great collaboration,” Seth said. “It’s always very pleasing and rewarding when we feel like we’re promoting a project or a client we believe in.”

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